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As a company specializing in providing information technology solutions, during its 12 years of establishment and operation, I.P.L always cultivates and constantly innovates to provide customers with useful technology services, accompanying in the development process of many businesses.

If two decades ago, we could comfortably study and work on books and papers, in the last decade, things are gradually changing. With the 4.0 era, the need to apply information technology is more widespread, almost in all areas of life.

I.P.L realizes that technology is an important factor for businesses to save costs and improve performance to be ready for breakthroughs. Enterprises have promoted the application of technology in management, administration, and production activities, contributing to improving labor productivity and increasing competitiveness.





Hotline: 1900 636 672

I.P.L is constantly improving, upgrading thinking of leadership, people management processes and equipment to become a companion with businesses in consulting solutions, providing IT products and services.

Currently, I.P.L has 4 branches in Tân Bình, Thủ Đức, District 5, District 12.

IPL Tân Bình


Address: 216 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Ward 4, Tân Bình District, HCMC

IPL Thủ Đức

Thủ Đức Branch

Address: 113 Đặng Văn Bi, Bình Thọ Ward, Thủ Đức City

I.P.L District 5

District 5 Branch

Address: 151 Hùng Vương, Ward 4, District 5, HCMC

I.P.L District 12

District 12 Branch

Address: 245 Lê Văn Khương, Hiệp Thành, District 12, HCMC




Hotline: 1900 6076

iCare Center was established in July 2010, with more than 12 years of experience and always considers the customer as the focus with the motto "Always keep trust in customers", iCare Center has long been known to customers as a prestigious address for repairing computers, phones and information technology equipment.

Currently iCare Center has 4 branches in Tân Bình, Thủ Đức, District 5, District 12.


iCare Center Tân Bình

iCare Center Tân Bình

Head office: Ground floor - 216 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Ward 4, Tân Bình


iCare Center Thủ Đức

iCare Center Thủ Đức

Address: 113 Đặng Văn Bi, Trường Thọ Ward, Thủ Đức city


iCare Center District 5

iCare Center District 5

Address: 151 Hung Vuong, Ward 4, District 5, HCMC


iCare Center quận 12

iCare Center District 12

Address: 245 Le Van Khuong, Hiep Thanh Ward, District 12, HCMC




Hotline: 0902 799 646

Address: 2nd floor - 216 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Ward 4, Tân Bình, HCMC

On June 1, 2015, I.P.L officially launched the iSolution brand. iSolution specializes in providing information technology services and solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations. With the orientation to bring to customers modern systems and technologies with stable operation, improving competitiveness and affirming its position in the market.




Hotline: 0965 300 130

Address: Floor 1 - 216 Hoang Van Thu, Ward 4, Tan Binh, HCMC

iRecovery is a Center specializing in Data Recovery for storage devices such as server (Server), HDD, SSD (Desktop, Laptop, NAS storage device, camera recorder...), USB, memory card, the phone was bumped, not received, read the reader, deleted, formatted, ghost, virus...

The specialized equipment used at iRecovery is imported from ACELab Czech Republic (Czech Republic) - the world's No. 1 company in Data Recovery for Business. And present at iRecovery are the "PC-3000 Portable III Ultimate System Kit" and "PC-3000 Express System Kit" that diagnose and handle all the most difficult cases for today's storage devices.

In addition, iRecovery also has an industry-standard clean cabinet that makes it easy to remove and replace the reader and hard drive leaves.

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