If two decades ago, we could comfortably study and work on books and papers, in the last decade, things are gradually changing. The era often called 4.0, the need to apply information technology more widely, in almost all areas of life.

I.P.L clearly realizes that technology is an important factor for businesses to save costs and improve performance to be ready for breakthroughs. Enterprises have promoted the application of technology in management, administration and production activities, contributing to improving labor productivity, increasing competitiveness...

As a company specializing in providing information technology solutions, realizing and grasping the future, during its 12 years of establishment and operation, I.P.L always cultivates and constantly innovates to provide customers with useful technology services, accompanying in the development of many businesses.


Mr. Nguyễn Đình Quốc Tú

Chairman of the Board of Directors - General Director

Mr. Nguyễn Đình Quốc Tú is one of the founding members of I.P.L. Joint Stock Company.
As a leader and companion during 12 years of establishment and development;
In addition, he also founded brands: iCare Center, iSolution, and iRecovery.

Mr. Võ Văn Hiệp
Branch Director

Mr. Vày Nhộc Lỳ
Branch Director

Mr. Hoàng Cao Đil
Business Director

Ms. Trương Thị Mỹ Hương
Chief accountant


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