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Basic types of network devices such as Gateway, Switch, Bridge, Router, Hub, and Repeater are essential and are quite commonly used for users to connect network lines to computer devices, phones, and servers. , printers in the same range as offices, schools, and buildings.

If you are intending to buy quality network equipment for your business system but do not have much experience in choosing the right star, please contact IPL at Hotline: 1900 636 672 for advice, and the best support.

Switch Juniper

With large computer network systems, owning large Switch devices play a consequential in helping the system operate smoothly and stably. Over 12 years of experience, in the design and construction of LAN systems, IPL became a partner of a financial company to provide the Juniper Switch series, supporting the stable operation of the office network.

Network Cable Commscope

In a LAN system or a Server system, the network wire plays a consequential in helping devices transmit signals. Below are some pictures recording the process of importing cables, multiplying the lives of IPL technicians to deliver to customers upon request.

Router UNIFI

Wi-Fi coverage through walls for high-rise buildings is a solution to help all users access the internet without worrying about the interruption, helping offices and businesses work better. In particular, the dedicated UNIFI router lines allow wifi broadcasting through walls, suitable for spaces that need a large area connection with the same uniform wave.

With the desire to help customers easy contact and work with I.P.L, below are the contact phone numbers when needing quick - direct advice:

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